Meet Friends Now

This is one and only one place where you can instantly catch-up with your friends by letting them know of your availability & getting to know their free time (you in fact can figure out who is around you wherever you are). Venue can be an exotic food joint/ cafe/ pub/ your choicest meeting spot […]

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Start a Hangout

Chill out with your choicest buddies / families / colleagues at your choicest hangout place with your choicest foods personified. Also, you can create your own treasure of memories & retrieve them as & when you need them.

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It’s Party Time

Celebrate your precious occasions of life (Kitty parties / Birthday Parties / Other Celebrations of importance) by getting together with your near & dear at your home / clubhouse/ office premises /college canteen/ any venue that is mutually liked .

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Order Food

In-cafe food ordering is made lot easier by Lot easy. Simply scan QR code at your favourite cafe, make your choicest selection, place your order. Spend more quality time with your near and dear and less on ordering time.

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