About Us

Dimenteka Business Solutions Private Limited is an IT based business solution provider to a variety of businesses and industries with a primary focus in the space of Mobile application. Dimenteka, meaning eleventh dimension in Greek, symbolizing limitless options, believes in endless and continual improvement of day in life of our customers and end user interactions.
Lot Easy is a flagship product of Dimenteka, a coming-of-age mobile application that envisions to bring together people over a meal. It tries to weave the fabric of emotion and bonding around the universal unites – food.
Universally, it is the food, which always plays the role of a protagonist in a party or a reunion. Lot Easy understands this very well and does everything that is required to bond you and your friends over a meal.

Moreover, it also helps you safeguard the memories associated with such reunions and helps you nurture and sustain the relationship with your buddies. You can order food, book a restaurant and do a lot more than other apps do, but while respecting the sensibilities and preferences of your friends or audience.